Houston woman gets 10 years for torturing dogs, cats to death

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HOUSTON, TX – What do you get when you cross a dog, a cat, two wackos, a video camera and an internet connection? How about a mugshot on a bad hair day and ten years behind bars.

Ashley Richards was sentenced to ten years in the slammer, for felony cruelty to animals.

She tortured cats, dogs and other animals to death with knives, meat cleavers, even high heeled shoes and filmed it all.

Why?! An even sicker reason — a sexual fetish.

She sold these so-called ‘crush’ videos online to pervs who actually get off on this stuff. Richards didn’t act alone. According to the Houston Police Department, 52-year-old Brent Justice was the man behind the camera.

He’ll have his day in court July 17. Until then, he’s in the dog house in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

There’s no telling what else the two sickos did off-camera; but they’ll have to explain that to a judge.