Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance, not a done deal yet!

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HOUSTON, TX – The city’s newly-passed Equal Rights ordinance sure brought out the emotion in Houstonians; but even as the ink dries on the ordinance, it’s still not a done deal! We’ll explain…

The ordinance, which extends equal rights protection to gay and transgender residents, doesn’t take effect for 30 days.

And in that time, those who are against it can gather signatures to put the ordinance back in play. We’re talking 17,269 signatures.

“You need to gather signatures, come to council, present those, and then there is a validation process as to whether or not those signatures are valid and meet the requirements for putting this before the voters,” according to Janice Evans, Director of Communications for the office of Mayor Annise Parker.

Some opponents are even starting an effort for a recall election to remove Mayor Parker and council members who voted in favor for it from office.

They’ll need 43,000 signatures within 30 days.

“This is not a surprise, it’s been a part of the conversation,” says Mayor Annise Parker. “Haters will hate!”

Mayor Parker may have won this battle, but we won’t know if the war is over for another 30 days.