Lion, tiger and bear all BFFs at animal sanctuary

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LOCUST GROVE, GA – Unless you’re watching the Wizard of Oz, lions, tigers and bears are an unlikely match.

But it turns out the three giants of the animal kingdom can be friends, and besties at that! At Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia, a lion, tiger and bear have best buds for 13 years. They play, snuggle and even live together!

The trio was rescued from an Atlanta drug dealer who kept them as status symbols – sick and malnourished and all. But, rest assured, this story ends well. The three cubs were rescued and healed together.

Now they’re so close, when Baloo the bear had to undergo surgery (because his harness from that initial owner was so tight that his skin grew over it), shelter workers say his two friends were pacing and whining for his return.

Keep in mind these guys would never be friends in the wild. They’re from three different parts of the world.