Stop stereotyping people with mental illness’

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How deep of a thinker are you? Do you have an open mind?

Well it seems to me so many people are having a tough time deciding what’s fact and what’s fiction; because some of you, you know who your are, have to stop the stereotypes.

Well I heard a guy on a 24 hour news channel talking about Elliot Rodger’s deadly rampage in Santa Barbra

The pundit said, “oh he had Aspergers syndrome” as if to suggest Rodger’s killed 6 people because the Aspergers made him do it.

We heard that same talk after Adam Lanza and Sandy Hook; vague references that an autism spectrum disorder that makes it hard to read social cues can turn you into a mass murderer.

We need to kill these kinds of generalizations. Because there’s no proof or study anywhere that says the people with Aspergers are more prone to violence than anyone else. Suggesting people with Aspergers are violent is like saying all NBA owners are racist, all people in the TEA Party are crazy, all gay people can’t play football or all right to lifers are prone to bombing abortion clinics.

A few bad eggs shouldn’t spoil the whole bunch. There are a whole bunch of questions after what Rodgers did. Bad parenting? Missed signals? Who knows; but stop with the stereotypes cause you’re not my type.