Arrests made in gang rape, hanging of two teen girls in India

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**Warning: This content and video is graphic**

UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA – A horrifying crime in India is sparking international outrage.

Two girls — cousins, aged only 14 and 15 – were found hanging from mango trees in the Uttar Pradesh region of India.

They’d been abducted, gang raped and murdered.

Now five men have been charged in the heinous crime.

Family members of the girls say local police first sided with the suspects —  unsurprising when you hear two police officers are among the five accused.

In India, where about 25,000 rapes occur each year — and that’s a low estimate — perpetrators often get away with such crimes.

But not this time.

A crowd of furious villagers refused to leave the scene until arrests were made, sending a powerful message to authorities in India who have ignored crimes against women for far too long.