Countries are offering female employees menstrual leave

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Women all across the world would agree that their “monthly-friend” is a not-so-friendly aspect of womanhood.

The aches, the cravings, and not to mention the raging hormones, make it a rather unpleasant experience. But what if we told you that in some parts of the world, you could actually get paid time off from work for Aunt Flow’s visits?

Countries like Japan have been offering menstrual leave since after World War II.

Taiwan recently passed legislation that guarantees female employees three days of menstrual leave a year.

Russia tried to join the club; but according to reports, the bill went nowhere.

The proposed bill would give women two days off every month, but Russian feminists weren’t having it.

Wonder if the U.S. will try to hop on board?

Unsurprisingly, this topic has stirred quite a debate as some see it as another form of discrimination.

Either way, it sure doesn’t hurt to have a few extra days off.

Should women be able to rest during their “time of the month” or does it imply that they’re weak? You be the judge.


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