FDA issues stricter rules on tanning beds

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SILVER SPRING, MD – Some might tell you tanning isn’t necessarily the greatest thing for your skin. The FDA has been pounding that into our heads for a while now.

In its next move, the FDA is changing up warnings for tanning beds.

They’re being reclassified. Tanning beds are no longer low-risk devices. Now they’re moderate-risk devices.

Dalton Terry, the president of E-Z Tan in Houston, said, “I think with the whole process it’s very important that any consumer really looks into the salon that they choose to make sure that they get the right education on tanning to have it understood properly.”

In addition, all tanning beds will contain a black label stating the products shouldn’t be used on people under 18, which is against Texas law as it is.

Many dermatologists are still calling for stronger regulations.

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