King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicates after nearly 40 years on the throne

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MADRID, SPAIN – King Juan Carlos of Spain is calling it quits after nearly 40 years on the throne.

Man! Wonder how many magazines he went through while sitting on the throne?

In 1969, Spain’s dictator Generalissimo Francisco Franco gave Carlos the title of Crown Prince, which made him Franco’s designated successor.

Franco died in November 1975, and two days later, Juan Carlos became Spain’s first king since 1931.

Prince Filipe will become the new king at a time of economic problems in Spain, and financial scandals involving his younger sister.

Juan Carlos noted in his abdication speech that Spain is in the middle of a long and deep economic crisis, but pointed toward a future of hope, one that will be led by a new generation that is younger with a lot of energy.

Oh, and one more thing, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

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