Virginia teen admits to killing parents over iPod

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NORFOLK, VA – Many of us know the feeling of being ‘back-stabbed’ by a friend or a family member or do we really?

A couple in Norfolk, Virginia knew that too well.

Parents Carol and Wayne Parker were stabbed and beaten to death by their son, their only child, an honor roll student, 16-year-old, Vincent Parker.

All because of an iPod!

Parker admitted in court he was tired of his parents taking 16-year-old as a measure of routine discipline and he just got mad one day and ‘went off.’

He pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder.

Court documents say Vincent hit his dad, Wayne Parker, on the head with a crow bar, then stabbed him in the back and chest. The dad was able to call cops and tell them what happened. He later died at the hospital.

Vincent’s mom wasn’t as fortunate. Carol Parker died at the home before cops and paramedics arrived. Vincent stabbed his mom in the face and beat her with a metal bat, hitting her more than 25 times, before spraying her with pepper spray when she came out of the bathroom.

Vincent will be tried as an adult and sentenced in September. A pretty expensive price to pay for an iPod.

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