Florida judge challenges attorney to courtroom brawl

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BREVARD COUNTY, FL – There’s nothing civil about what went down in a Florida courtroom.

Judge John Murphy and Public Defender Andrew Weinstock “duked” it out in the hallway after a heated argument during a hearing in Brevard County, Florida.

The brawl started when the Judge allegedly began pressuring Weinstock to wave his client’s right to a speedy trial.

The two exchanged a few words and then the judge asks to take it outside.

You can’t see them fighting, but the courtroom surveillance camera captured the audio and the very loud thumps.

Weinstock’s supervisor says the public defender was expecting to talk things out…but the judge grabbed him by the collar and started swinging fists!

The judge wasn’t arrested; but Weinstock’s office says the incident will be reported to the Florida bar.

In this case it’s disorder in the court.