NRA blog showcases the not so typical gun owner

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FAIRFAX, VA – Gun enthusiasts are out to prove they’re more than just pistol packers. Many are also aiming to be cool. Well, at least according to this new lifestyle blog.

The National Rifle Association has a website offering “sketches” of presumed NRA members who, in their own words: “make the world interesting and the items they bring to life.” The slick-looking site called Sharp Daily categorizes different types of “characters” a gun collector can be, or can strive to be.

Start with the James Bond like, “Master of Ceremonies”, who’s expensive taste in firearms matches an equally expensive lifestyle. Shaken, not stirred, but always up for spending big cash and shooting off some rounds.

There’s also the “Epicurean Hunter”. A marksman who not only enjoys the thrill of the hunt, but also savors it’s bountiful harvest. For them, there’s nothing better than grilling up what they kill. Bon appetit!

But our favorite “character sketch” is dedicated to the ladies who love to lock-down and load, all while looking good. Called “Tiny Dancer”, this gal carefully picks out her firearm like a fashion accessory. One that functions properly, all while fitting perfectly in her dainty little hands. Now that’s a woman!

There’s more, each more fantastic than the next. But seen through the lens of their range certified safety glasses, this blog makes you wonder whether the NRA pegged to describe their target demographic or if they missed their mark completely.