Second Sterling mistress comes forward, files suit

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LOS ANGELES – Clippers honcho Donald Sterling has got to be about ready to cut his losses and go hide in a cave for a while. It almost didn’t seem possible that Sterling could tarnish even more. But alas, meet Maiko Maya.

Maya says that she and Sterling were lovers for six years and after they broke up, she started working for him as a caretaker. But, now represented by Gloria Allred, Maya says the 80-year-old repeatedly subjected her to racist and sexist remarks during her employment and would dangle money at her for sexual favors. Oh, and then he fired her when she complained.

Not to leave anyone out, Sterling’s original mistress (that is, the one who initially spilled the beans on his behavior) has filed some papers too. V. Stiviano has filed a police report after being attacked in New York City over the weekend.

Stiviano claims some white guys shouted slurs and banged her up.