Summer’s hot gadgets for Father’s Day

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HOUSTON, TX – Hey guys, guess what? Father’s Day is right around the corner. Know what you’re going to get the special man in your life? Before you settle on another boring wrist watch, we have a few ideas you might want to try on for size. After all, technology is the name of the game these days. And if you want to show dad what he really means to you, you’ve got to think outside the box.

“This is the Samsung Gear,” says Jim Barry with the Consumer Electronics Association as he rolls up his sleeve and show’s us a digital wristwatch that does a lot more than you might imagine. “You can see it’s a wristwatch,” he proclaims, “but it also synchronizes with my Galaxy smart phone so you can synchronize your Galaxy gear, then if you get phone calls and stuff, it’ll just show up right here on your wrist.”

Not bad, and if staying connected is important to dad, how about a water-proof Bluetooth headset? You know, so you can call him up when he’s in the shower. “This is the Pump from Blueant,” Barry says showing us the latest in Bluetooth gadgetry, “so you can just put that right around the back of your neck, put those around your ears, you can go swimming with those.”

If staying in shape is important, Jim’s got you covered there, too. “This is a smart basketball,” he says showing us the latest from 94Fifty. Link it up to your smart phone and you’re off to the races, counting calories and improving your game, or so it claims. Whatever you decide, the summer’s hot new gadgets are out. And these days nothing says love like a fancy new doodad just for you, dad. See what we did there?