World Cup 2022 scandal; Sao Paulo stadium still not ready

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LONDON – Did Qatar buy the 2022 World Cup? Britain’s Sunday Times says yes!

“What we have categorically proven is that Bin Hammam paid bribes and operated slush funds to pay people who had an influence on the vote,” says Sarah Baxter, Deputy Editor of the Sunday Times.

According to the paper, emails, letters and bank statements show that the country’s (former) top football official shelled-out $5 million and ultimately scored the deal.

“Therefore the whole thing has to be re-run, there’s no doubt about it,” says Baxter.

Stay tuned.

In related news, we wonder if FIFA wishes they could re-run their 2014 site choice.

Less than two weeks out from the cup’s kick-off, Corinthians Arena in Brazil is still unfinished. For Sunday’s test match (to check the dome’s readiness), only 40,000 fans will fit. Bear in mind, the Sao Paulo stadium is supposed to seat 65,000 by June 12.

The project was delayed after three construction workers died at the site. This is dangerous business, especially when it’s under the gun!

In all, about a billion people are expected to watch the World Cup.

Yeah. This is not a game.