Bergdahl’s hometown cancels homecoming citing lack of resources

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HAILEY, ID – For the last few years, the folks of Hailey, Idaho, have hosted a parade of support for the family of Bowe Bergdahl. They came from all over, riders on bikes, to riderless horses. But town officials canceled the expected welcome home party scheduled for later this month.

Officials said they called off the event because the town of 8,000 and doesn’t have the resources to handle what could be thousands of supporters and protesters. Probably a smart call.

Mixing hot weather and passionate feelings is not a good idea when celebrating a homecoming.

Americans aren’t the only ones unhappy with President Obama’s release of the Taliban five. Afghans remember this dudes as bad, really bad, hombres.

The Pentagon says Mohammed Nabi Omari is linked to al-Qaeda. Khairullah Khairkhwa, served as the Taliban’s liaison to Osama bin Laden. Noorullah Noori used to be a senior Taliban military commander who fought the u-s and the northern alliance in 2001.

And, Mohammed Fazi led Taliban forces in 1999 that destroyed everything in their path, leaving 300,000 people homeless and fleeing for their lives.

And now word is that Kuwaiti Fouzi Khalid Abdullah al-Awda will have a hearing next week to see if he is the next Guantanamo Bay prisoner to go home, as the Obama Administration tries to git from Gitmo.

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