Border Patrol is overflowing with illegal immigrants

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY – Forget Mexico. It’s bordering on crazy what’s happening in south Texas.

Rio Grande Valley patrol agents are arresting more than 1000 people a day; nearly 160,000 immigrants have been picked up in the last eight months.

Making matters worse, a lot are folks from places like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, where it’s not so easy to just boot them back over the border.

It is a hot issue.

At this point, things are so stuffy down there in the desert, detainees are being carted to Laredo, where cells meant for 20 are holding more than 40.  It has all overburdened the system to such a degree, many people are reportedly being let go and told to show up in court once they get to their destination.

Now that’ a policy to write home about.

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