CA bill requires oral or written consent before sex on college campuses

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SACRAMENTO, CA – There’s a good connection with the wood and it looks like you’re gonna go all the way, past first base, across second, rounding third standing up.

But as you are inches away from scoring, you’re thrown out at home plate.

A bill making its way through the California legislature requires oral or written consent before students at state colleges and universities have sex.

In other words, one player would have to receive from the other “an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision” to have a “mutually agreed-upon sexual activity.”

The bill also says consent must be ongoing throughout the entire sexual encounter, and can be revoked at any time for any reason. And, it doesn’t matter if the couple has been in a relation, or is in one at the time.

Apparently that includes married couples, even those married to each other when they couple.

Schools that don’t consent to the consent bill, if it becomes law, will be cut off. No more money for student financial aid.

The irony there is that, once again, it’s the victim that gets, you know, slapped around.

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  • Anonm

    Oral consent is meaningless. I can say something and then say I forgot it and then, it’s illegal. Written consent is the way to go.

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