Google Street View captures ‘fake’ murder

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LEITH, EDINBURGH – Pretty sure you’ve heard the phrase, “don’t believe everything on the internet.”

You’ve probably seen kids playing or people watering their lawn in the ‘street view’ of Google Maps. But what would you do if you saw what appeared to be someone face down in the street you thought was dead?

Two guys in the UK had folks believing Google Maps captured a murder on camera!

Dan Thompson and Gary Kerr, both mechanics in Edinburgh, Scotland, were at work when they saw a Google Maps car coming down the street.

So they grabbed a large axe handle, and while of the guys lay face down on the ground, the other stood over him pretending as if he had just beaten him dead.

Family and friends of the mechanics knew it was a joke, but one Google Maps user didn’t find it so funny, and called the cops.

Cops showed up at the mechanic shop to find out about the so-called dead man. They found him alive and well.

No word if the two mechanics were cited or charged for this ‘Google gag’.

But to pull a prank like this, some might say these guys’ heads may need a little tune-up of their own.

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