Houston Hidden Gifts is happening tomorrow. Are you ready?

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HOUSTON, TX – Are you at the edge of your seat? Tediously tied to Twitter? Waiting for Friday’s Houston Hidden Gifts, otherwise known as cash bonanza.

“I think everybody is having a good time with trying to find that hidden free money,” said Lenferd Joseph.

Shae Edge isn’t following it on Twitter, but likes the idea, “I think it’s fun. It would be fun for someone to run around and look for money. Who doesn’t want free money?”

As a prelude to the Twitter treasure, yesterday folks were encouraged to do a random act of kindness. M.D. Anderson was the place to be, either for folks giving blood or gifts, or donating money for residents at the Hospitality Apartments who stay there for free while getting treatment.

Gladys Risafi’s cousin is getting treatment at M.D. Anderson, “It’s making people wake up to the good things that we have to do. It’s not just about money; it’s about trying to share with other people.”

“These places do need donations for people like myself and my husband, because if it wasn’t for those donations and Twitter, people wouldn’t donate,” said Katina Leday, whose husband is battling cancer.

This Twitter trend has definitely encouraged folks to go out and be kind to others. We’ll see how much that kindness turns to frantic greed, on Friday.

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