It’s hard to take an Open Carry rally serious inside a Chipotle

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I always had rules to live by at dinner like elbows off the table and no foul language was a few; but now it seems someone somewhere has to say no guns allowed.

These open carry protests, depending on who you are, are making Texas look incredibly stupid or incredibly smart.

These people have been locked and loaded in places like Home Depot, Target and Chipotle. Cause nothing goes together like a burrito and an AR-15.

This is not illegal in Texas, unless of course someone, say in the booth nearby gets freaked out. I’m told these protestors do this because they want open carry in Texas to include handguns.

But c’mon how do they expect anyone to have an open mind about gun laws with situations like this. Because if I see him in the frozen food section, I’m freezing!

Yeah, someone with the NRA called this ‘weird’, but maybe these open carry people should target a page from the NRA’s playbook. They’ve managed to kill major gun legislation because they are powerful, organized and loaded and not because they carry rifles in public.

If you want change, change your game plan; because no one is taking you seriously.

So go ahead, you may think your making someones day; but your killing everyone’s appetite for wanting to hear more.

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