John Kerry caught sleeping during press conference in Poland

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WARSAW, POLAND – Happens all the time: Joe Biden fell asleep during an apparently fascinating speech given by president Obama.

Then John McCain was caught playing iPhone poker during a congressional hearing.

Now secretary of state John Kerry is the latest politician to be caught asleep at the wheel.

Brian Ries of Mashable was the first to catch onto Kerry’s cat nap at a press conference in Poland. He tweeted, “Secretary of State John Kerry taking a power nap in Poland” along with a photo.

Of course Kerry refuted the claim, tweeting back that it was “just a really long blink!”

Uh huh, sure Mr. Secretary. But isn’t that pretty much what sleeping is anyway? Just a really¬†long blink?

But look at the bright side – plenty politicians have been caught doing much worse things than sleeping on the job.

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