Attack at Pakistan airport leaves at least 28 dead

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KARACHI, PAKISTAN – In the Middle East, what goes around, comes around. In this case — payback is deadly.

At least 28 people are dead after an attack at Jinah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan — the country’s largest International airport.

Ten gunmen disguised as policemen stormed through one of the terminals with machine guns and a rocket launcher. The airport was under siege for more than 5 hours and several fires blazed throughout the airport.

All 10 attackers and at least 18 others were killed; 11 of which were airport security personnel.

The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

As for the payback, spokesman for the Taliban says the attack is retaliation for the killing of Hakimullah Mehsud — the Taliban chief who died in a drone strike back in November.

The Taliban also says the group “will continue carrying out such acts”, but they’re willing to talk peace with the government.

Peace? Doesn’t sound all that convincing.


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