Flying to work in your car may be a reality next year

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WOBURN, MA – How many times have you gotten tired of fighting the daily commute and dreamed about being like George Jetson, flying to work, and folding your ride into your suitcase.

The idea of the flying car didn’t really get off the ground, except for a few Aerocars made around 1950, which included one of the high-flying stars of the 60s TV series “The New Bob Cummings Show.”

But by this time next year, you just might be winging your way to work.

The people who run Tarrafugia in Woburn, MA, say their flying car, called Transition, is just at home in the skyways as it is on the highways.

They claim it will fly up to 100 miles an hour at 10,000 feet.

All you need to take home one of these beauties is a sport-pilot’s license and $279,000.

But if you wait about 12 years, you can pick up the TF-X from Terrafugia.

It will have two electric motor pads to lift you up, with no need for a runway.

Once you’re cruising, the motor pads fold back down so you can skim through the skies at 200 miles per hour with a range of 500 miles.

When you get to where you’re going, it lands itself and turns back into a car, which is way better than turning into a telephone pole.


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