346: Houston’s new area code starts July 1st

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HOUSTON, TX – Can you hear me now? Here’s how we know H-Town is getting overcrowded: we’re running out of phone numbers.

A new area code, 346, will overlay the existing gang of 713, 281 and 832 starting July 1st. The Public Utility commission says you’ll get to keep your old number; but they said that about Obamacare and your doctor too. So, beware.

Houston, the fourth largest city in America will now have four area codes. Is it a coincidence or do these numbers hide a secret meaning? Let’s crack the code.

“The new area code breaks down to 4,” explained numerologist Kevin Casey, “and in numerology the number 4 has to do with real estate, banking, finance and also security. It’s interesting that that number is reflecting the stability and security that a lot of people are finding here in Houston.”

Like a breath of fresh air, the 346 code will allow for 8 million new numbers in the metro area.

Hello! Big traffic jams ahead. But if you get the lucky number, welcome to Houston and call me maybe.