5 US troops killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan

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ZABUL PROVINCE, AFGHANISTAN – They call it friendly fire, though in the end, none of it is friendly at all.

Five American troops were shot dead in Afghanistan, possibly killed by their own team.

NATO says U.S. soldiers were conducting a security operation when the soldiers came in contact with Taliban forces in Zabul.

The U.S. troops called for backup, that’s when an aircraft, said to be a B-1 Bomber, fired killing the five American troops on the ground and one Afghan troop.

It hasn’t been confirmed if the aircraft was a friend or foe, or if the pilot mixed up the strike location; but the U.S. government is looking into it.

What we do know is the Afghan government reported that the soldiers were American.

The police chief of Zabul, say the soldiers came under attack by the Taliban and called in air support.

Sadly, for the families of the troops, pieces to this puzzle are broken hearts and questions left unanswered of what really happened.