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FAA approves BP to use commercial drones over land

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WASHINGTON, DC – Oil company, British Petroleum just got its license to fly — drones that is!

BP has been granted permission by the FAA to use drones to survey roads, pipelines and equipment at an oilfield in Alaska.

This is the first time the FAA has authorized drones to fly over land, for commercial use.

Companies that want to use drones must get authorization from the government. The drones can only be operated during the daytime, have to be seen within three miles and always kept in sight.

Speaking of sight; monkey see, monkey wants.

We’re pretty sure more oil & gas companies will want their share of ‘air time’ and try to get in on the drone action.

No word on what hefty price BP has to pay for their use of drones; but you can bet this FAA restriction lift will help turn oil into more cash than ever.