NASA’s flying saucer mission postponed, again

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KAUAI, HI – If you thought you would see a flying saucer hovering in the skies one day, don’t get your hopes up too high.

For the fourth time in a week, NASA has had to postpone the launch of its saucer-shaped Low Density Supersonic Decelerator.

Apparently, weather conditions in Kauai, Hawaii, where the saucer is stationed, have stopped it from being able to lift off into the sky.

A helium balloon is supposed to launch the 15-foot-wide LDSD 120 feet into the air.

Then, a rocket engine will then blast it up to its required 180,000 feet.

Researchers want to test technologies that could be used for future landings on Mars.

Looks like that mission is on hold for now.

NASA’s team plans to give it another go June 14, but judging from the forecast that may not work either.