Seattle doctor investigated for sexting during surgery

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SEATTLE, WA – When you’re going under the knife, you put your life in the hands of your gas passer, the anesthesiologist. And the last thing you want is for the doctor’s hands to be doing something else. But that’s what the state of Washington’s medical watchdogs say a Seattle doc was doing.

He’s Arthur Zilberstein. The Medical Quality Assurance Commission suspended his license to pass gas while it investigates allegations he sent sex messages on his cell phone during surgeries. A lot!

The doc watchers say when Zilberstein wasn’t sexting, he was having sex at the hospital.

And, it seems that when Zilberstein wasn’t sexting or hooking up at work, he was using medical images of patients for porn, or as the state so delicately put it: “sexual gratification.”

There’s two sides to every story, and the state gave doctor nasty 20 days to come up with his.

But it might be rated XXX, for adults only.