Your laptop or mobile device is making you hungry

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Research is surfacing over an interesting trend in weight gain, and it’s hitting close to home for millions of Americans who work on their tablet or laptop at night.

The science journal ‘Sleep’, says that blue enriched light exposure coming from a tablet or laptop, compared to normal dim light exposure, incites an increase in hunger after only 15 minutes of exposure. The blue light emitted from the devices can cause the user to feel hungry even after eating a meal. This is bad news because most of us know that eating late is a sure-fire way to pack on some pounds.

But hey, maybe that’s why they call it a ‘Blue Plate Special’ huh? What is it about the color blue that just makes people so hungry? Diners across the country have been offering blue plate specials for years, maybe they should be the one’s credited with this discovery.

The authors of the study admits that there is more research needed to determine the exact mechanics of how this all works; but in the meantime don’t look into the light!