2 mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus in Houston region

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HOUSTON, TX – As the weather warms up, the Houston area has some unwanted visitors buzzing about — mosquitoes.

As if those itch-inducing insects aren’t bad enough on their own, this year’s crop is bringing the deadly West Nile Virus with them.

So far two of the pesky creatures have tested positive — one in Montgomery County and one in Northeast Harris County.

The good news? No West Nile has been found in any humans this year — yet.

Both affected regions will spray for mosquitoes, but make sure you give yourself a little extra protection when you head outdoors.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends EPA-approved bug sprays, eliminating standing water, wearing long sleeves and pants.

Of course in our sweltering summer climate, long sleeves and pants are not real practical, so it looks like it’s time to bust out that bug spray.