Butt implants and butt selfies are all the rage

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DALLAS, TX (NewsFix DFW) – Buttocks are a big business, especially with celebrities buying butt implants.

“The question is, is Nicki Minaj a doll or a natural person? See, it’s confusing when someone gets a butt transplant and they go from flat to ‘phat,'” Fort Worth resident, Jock Banks said.

What about this belfie craze — yep, that’s a selfie of your butt. If you want to get bootyful before you pucker up, you can get a procedure called a butt fat transfer.

No butts about it. One Fort Worth doctor at Innovations Medical can take fat from just about anywhere and put it in your derrière.

“We do a lot of fat transfers,” says Bill Johnson, M.D. “We can do fat transfers to the face, to the breast instead of implants, and in the buttocks, it’s called a Brazilian Lift.”

But what if ya have too much junk in the trunk as it is?

“You can trim areas you’d like to trim, and you can enhance areas you’d like to enhance,” Johnson added.

The cost starts around $5,000 plus a short recovery time.

“God doesn”t make any mistakes and I don’t think we should really want to change it,” said Banks.

Ah, the things we do to make sure our assets are well-rounded.