Documentary seeks answers to what killed, ate a Great White shark

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – The ocean teems with things innumerable, living things both small and great.

Some we know, and some we might not want to know.

The Smithsonian Channel is airing a documentary on an 11-year hunt to find the killer of a 9-foot long great white shark.

The Great White is a killing machine with a reputation for eating boats and people, and bending steel cages with its bare fins.

Researchers tagged the shark as part of Australia’s first big Great White tracking project. They wanted to study shark movement along Australia’s coast.

But two months after they tagged one of the sharks, a beachcomber discovered the tracker washed up on the beach.

A check of the data showed the shark plunged rapidly, while at the same time the temperature around it rose dramatically to a level that could only come from another living creature.

Researchers then had to ask what could kill, and eat, and 9-foot Great White shark.

Proving again, that old Jedi saying that goes: there’s always a bigger fish.