Hagel goes to Capitol Hill to talk about the Bergdahl/Taliban swap

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WASHINGTON, DC – Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel played the part of the good soldier by going to Capitol Hill to tell members of Congress that President Obama made the right decision in swapping Taliban terrorists for Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

Hagel appeared before the House Armed Services Committee, the first time an Obama Administration official has spoken publicly to Congress about the prisoner exchange.

Republicans on the committee, including Rep. Mike Conaway from Texas, said the administration broke the law by not telling the leadership before the swap, “Your actions say you don’t trust Congress. I get it.”

Hagel repeated the talking point that the situation was unfolding rapidly, with a lot of moving parts stretching from Washington, to Qatar, to Afghanistan, and to Cuba.

“First, we weren’t certain that we would transfer those detainees out of Guantanamo until we had Sgt. Bergdahl in hand. And second, we had Sgt. Bergdahl in hand only a few hours after making the final arrangements.”

Concern over Bergdahl’s deteriorating health is one of the administration’s main arguments.

But now, news reports say the Pentagon’s Joint Personnel Recovery Agency believes Bergdahl was drugged in the video, to fool the white house into making the swap.

Only Bergdahl can tell us that, and there’s no telling when he’ll be telling that story.