Immigrant kids in shelter complain about food, throw burritos in trash

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NOGALES, AZ – So there you are, a Central American kid, you’ve walked hundreds of miles, avoiding bandits, drug gangs and other low-lifes that prey on children, just to get to America.

Once here, Uncle Sam ships you to Arizona to temporary shelters that are now overflowing with unaccompanied children.

And then, instead of sitting down to a typical American breakfast table where a typical American mother serves a typical American breakfast of boxed cereal, you get a breakfast burrito, complete with eggs.

Tony Banegas, the Honduras honorary consul in Arizona told reporters that the kids complained about the burritos and other food at the shelters.

He says the kids told him the eggs were cold. They wouldn’t eat them and so they ended up in the garbage. The burritos, not the kids.

Immigration officials say they’re working on improving living conditions and making sure the centers serve nutritious meals.

Maybe they should think of hiring a scary clown to bring a hearty breakfast every morning.

It’s one of those things that made America what it is today.

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