‘Love Locks’ cause partial collapse of a famous Paris bridge

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PARIS, FRANCE – Paris is known as “The City of Love”; but even the French are now finding out that “too much” romance can be a drag! A famous Parisian bridge, the pedestrian only Pont Des Arts is on the verge of collapse and it’s all due to the power of love!

The sides of the footbridge are literally covered by thousands of padlocks (all with couple’s names on them) left behind by lovers as a symbol of their bond to one another. The lovebirds lock them, then throw the key over the rail to seal the deal. Well, that is until a 6 and a half-foot stretch of the span came crashing down into the River Seine. Talk about falling for love!

The bridge is now burdened with an extra 93 metric tons of metal from the locks, the equivalent of 3 large trucks permanently parked on a bridge only meant to be walked on! That’s why Parisian police are now cop-blocking couples from latching their “love locks” to the overloaded bridge. In fact, they’re keeping them off the stressed-out structure completely!

Architects are looking at the bridge to keep it from suffering any more heartache. This love lock craze in Paris was started in 2008 and has also appeared in other bridges around the world. This is the first time that it has potentially caused a problem. What started off as a romantic gesture has turned into a rocky road for a footbridge. Just goes to show you that hearts aren’t the only things love can break.