Oregon school shooter identified as 15-year-old student

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TROUTDALE, OR – With gun laws changing, and legal open carry, could we end up living in times like the wild west?

The school shooting at Reynolds High School in Oregon has added fuel to the fiery debate about gun violence and gun control — much like the shootings at Seattle Pacific University…happening only days apart.

Cops say 15-year-old freshman Jared Padgett showed up to school with an AR-15 rifle, a handgun, a knife, and nine loaded magazines.

Nobody can forget the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country and all of them broken by shooter Adam Lanza.

Can you believe there have been 74 school shootings in the country since then?! Including a shooting at Lone Star College in Houston in 2013.

That’s what non-profit organization, ‘Everytown for Gun Safety,’ says.

The stats alone are enough to blow you away and the numbers don’t even include shootings that occurred near schools, that involved students like what happened near the campus of U.C. Santa Barbara.

The repeat tragedies are bringing more people together in an attempt for Congress to regulate gun laws.

The ‘Not One More’ movement has taken efforts online to spread the word with a hash-tag, ‘not one more.’

What’s it gonna take to protect innocent students at school? An act of Congress, or an act of God?