Researchers say the human face evolved to take a punch

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – It’s no secret, the human species has evolved over the years. One of the most evolved parts of our anatomy though, the face, has evolved to withstand the force of a punch.

Yeah! you heard right. Well, at least according to two researchers at the University of Utah.

The researchers say, the development of the protruding jaw, thick brow ridge above the eyes, robust bones around the nose and upper jaw and large molars and premolars are defining characteristics of early human ancestors that may have evolved over the years, to cope with barbaric violence.

The authors of the study believe the face adapted to protect the body’s most valuable asset, the brain. But many argue that the face changed to adapt to our eating habits. The researchers say that the skeletal change of the face was too large to develop for diet alone.

There may never be an exact reason for why our faces developed the way they have over the years, but it’s fascinating to think that our faces are the way they are, because it protected ancient humans from man on man fisticuffs.

One things for sure though, we’re definitely a much better looking breed of species than we used to be!