California mayor caught throwing dog poop on neighbor’s lawn

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SAN MARINO, CA – A California mayor is in deep doo-doo after he was caught on camera throwing a bag of dog poop onto his neighbor’s lawn.

Dennis Kneier, the mayor of San Marino, California, says this mess was all a big, innocent mistake.

But his neighbor Dennis Lao isn’t convinced that the doggy diss wasn’t malicious. He says this is revenge and that the mayor was mad Lao fought against some of his proposals, including one for a dog park.

“He thinks he can just smooth things over,” Lao said. “He thinks that he can have the police drop it or whatever, but I will pursue it.”

Kneier denies this and sent a letter to Lao, promising it wouldn’t happen again and says that he just made a poor judgment after removing the, uh, deposit from a lamp post down the street.

Now, the San Marino Police have stepped in to investigate. Tax dollars at work.

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