Miss USA upsets feminists with self-defense statement

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BATON ROUGE, LA – Boy, howdy! Miss Nevada sure caused a ruckus after she became the new Miss USA.

Besides knowing how to wear a tiara while walking in high-heels, Nia Sanchez knows how to hit and kick.

She’s a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo, and that self-defense training has landed her in hot water with feminists across the country.

She told reporters back stage that she thinks encouraging women how to defend themselves is really important, “I trained in taekwondo for 12 years. Maybe you don’t need all of that, but a women’s self-defense class so you can so you can feel safe walking to your car at night.”

That set some hair on fire, like that of Elisa Benson, the senior community manager for Cosmopolitan who tweeted it’s “still icky to pretend self-defense is the answer” to the sexual assault problem on college campuses.

Some felt she was into blaming the victim, while others took the position that men should be taught not to rape.

Of course, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need locks because thieves would have been taught that it’s wrong to break into your house.

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