#ProudToBe commercial during NBA Finals refuels controversy over NFL team name

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HOUSTON, TX – No matter how bad the Nation Football League would like it to go away, the controversy over changing the name of the Washington Redskins has flared up again. During game 3 of the NBA finals, an advertisement aired in 7 major TV markets including Washington. It’s from a group called changethemascot.org. They mention many names Native Americans call themselves, none of which include the Washington team name.

The controversy goes back decades, and the team’s owner has said he has no plans to change the name, citing a study that contends the majority of Native Americans aren’t offended by the name.

We headed out to Livingston to talk to a member of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe to see how our neighbors to the north had to say.

Carlos Bullock says, “For myself, I feel the name should be changed due to the fact that it was derogatory. The fact is that if anyone feels its derogatory, some people should take notice of it.”

So while he doesn’t speak for the tribe, Bullock feels its time for a change. And he’s not alone; #ProudToBe has exploded on Twitter. Looks like the Spurs won’t be the only ones feeling the heat during this championship series.

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