Researcher claims she had sex with a dolphin, for science of course

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ST.THOMAS, US VIRGIN ISLANDS – The things some researchers will do for science! A woman who studied dolphins in the 60’s is now claiming she had hand sex with a marine mammal.

In a new BBC documentary “The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins”, Margaret Howe Lovatt (who is now in her 70’s) recalls her wet and wild experiences with a very determined dolphin named Peter.

Margaret and Peter met in the early 60’s down in St. Thomas, where a study partially funded by NASA was taking place to research the possibilities of communication between humans and dolphins. The work was strictly scientific at first. Teaching Peter English was the goal, but the adolescent dolphin eventually became more interested in the language of love. That’s when Margaret took matters into her own hands.

By stroking his ego, Margaret gave Peter a hand with focusing his concentration. The whole manual maneuver was seen as a teaching tool by Margaret. But with many great loves stories, this one also comes to a tragic end. When the experimentation was over, Peter was shipped off to Miami, and the lovesick dolphin promptly fell into a depression. After getting shafted by his girlfriend, Peter committed suicide by refusing to breathe underwater. Yeah, dolphins can do that. Making this the saddest “happy ending” story, we’ve ever heard.

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