Houstonians find hidden cash at Discovery Green

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HOUSTON, TX – It wasn’t quite the craziness we’ve seen in other hidden cash events across the country, but when the tweet went out at around 10:30 this morning, hundreds of Houstonians headed to Discovery Green.

They were looking for envelopes like this one Charlie Duhon found with $40 inside.

“I just happened to be here when I found out. So I just started walking and looking,” he says.

But Charlie wasn’t as lucky as Nick Hall.

Nick explains, “I found 100 dollars, both of them were taped underneath benches just on the other side of the lake… I work just across the street, checked in with my coworkers, made sure it was ok for me to bug out for about 10 minutes, so I’m not eating lunch today, instead I’m looking for money.”

He says he’s going to share his hidden treasure with the coworkers that covered for him.

Even an hour after that first tweet went out, people were still searching for their big payday, but with some frustration. No one was tweeting out their findings, so nobody knew if they should stop looking.

Organizer Jason Buzi and friends have been giving away thousands at random locations across the country, in addition to the charitable donations they make. Best advice, keep an eye on that hidden cash twitter account. Who knows where they might make their next deposit!