Arrest made in 2012 Benghazi attack

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LIBYA – The talk and finger-pointing over the Benghazi attacks that killed four Americans seems endless.

But nearly two years later, we’re finally seeing some action.

U.S. forces working with the FBI captured a key suspect over the weekend.

Libyan militia leader Ahmed Abu Khattalah, allegedly one of the masterminds of the attack, is expected to be brought to a U.S. court and to justice in the near future.

Of course, news about Benghazi isn’t complete without a healthy dose of controversy and this development is no exception.

Several congressman, including John McCain and Mitch McConnell, protest bringing the suspect to American soil. They say Guantanamo would be a more appropriate location.

Regardless of where Abu Khattalah goes, one thing is indisputable: After a couple years of talk, it’s nice to finally see someone held accountable for this tragedy.