At least 14 killed in suicide bombing at Nigeria World Cup party

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DAMATURU, NIGERIA – There’s certainly been a good amount of World Cup madness, but it’s not all been fun and games.

At least 14 people were killed and more than 25 people were hurt during a World Cup watch-party in a northeastern city in Nigeria.

Apparently a suicide bomber linked to Boko Haram loaded up his tricycle taxi with explosives, drove into an outdoor area where soccer-lovers were watching the Brazil-Mexico match and blew himself up.

Fortunately, no one’s been hurt in Rio’s Maracana Stadium… just yet. Fans held on tight as they wobbled their way up a set of extra-wobbly stairs following the Argentina – Bosnia game over the weekend. A video of the swaying-staircase that’s supposed to hold thousands of spectators (but really seems to be held together with Elmer’s Glue and Popsickle Sticks) has gotten a lot of attention online.

The much anticipated match between Brazil and Mexico was a bit of a bust too. That game ended in a zero-zero draw, putting both teams one step closer to the second round of the cup. The only other World Cup Blow-out we’re interested in is when the U.S. beats Portugal this Sunday.