Deep-sea camera catches strange creature checking out oil rig

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fishHOUSTON, TX – The ocean is swimming with lots of strange creatures.

Some of them we know, like this curious shark caught on camera last year by Houston-based Oceaneering checking on a deep-water project for Shell.

Hey, why don’t you look over here and smile for the camera?

Another Oceaneering camera was checking out an underwater oil rig, when a curious passerby wandered into the shot.

The visitor returned a few seconds later to get a better look, which allowed us to get a better look at it.

And, like a scene from Terminator 2, the darn thing started changing shape. So, like, what’s that all about?

The folks who know these things say this is probably a little-seen jellyfish called a depstaria reticulum. For all we know that means little-seen jellyfish.

These guys can get up to 2-feet across, and they have no backbone, which explains all the shape-shifting.

But what makes this even more interesting is that they usually hang out in the waters around Antarctica.

Maybe this one was hungry and looking for Mr. Peanut to help make a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich.