Free Pregnancy Tests Coming to an Alaska Bar Near You

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Coming soon to an Alaskan bar near you…free pregnancy tests!

Starting in December, women will be able to get free pregnancy tests in 20 Alaska bars and restaurants. The move is a result of a new pregnancy test project by Alaska State Senator Pete Kelly.

He wants to fight fetal alcohol syndrome by giving women the chance to find out whether or not they’re pregnant before throwing back a couple of drinks.

The project will cost $400,000 and will be funded by a grant. 5,000 pregnancy tests will be distributed during the 12-month project period.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a huge problem in Alaska. In fact the state has the highest known rate of fetal alcohol syndrome in the U.S. Women of child-bearing age 20% more likely to binge drink here than the national average.

Still do they really think women are going to stop mid-shot to go pee on a stick? The women who would drink while pregnant will most likely not take the posters into consideration or they’ll be too drunk to notice.

What’s next, women have to show the ‘Not Pregnant’ stick to the bartender before they can order a drink?

So those free pregnancy tests? I say they’re a real “shot” in the dark.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.