‘Charitabulls’ play flag football for good cause

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BAYTOWN, TX – Plenty of flags can be seen during the NFL season, but all the flags seen in Baytown’s Plantation on Cotton Bayou Park were part of the action.

The “Charitabulls” co-ed flag football tournament brought some big names and faces to raise money for a worthy cause.

Abdul Foster, brother of Texans running back Arian Foster,  says, “This is awesome. Man, the Charitabulls are the perfect foundation for the children. You know we brought a lot of books today for them. Anything for the kids. i got kids myself so you know it’s just good to get here and do something fun for us and the kids.”

NFL vet and former Pro Bowler Wade Smith took to the sidelines to coach his team to flag football championship.

Smith says, “I’m coaching and GM for my team. I put my team together. I took a lot of time in selecting the people for my team and so I’m really excited about seem them run out there and playing well.”

While coach Smith didn’t exactly need a playbook to know how to win, the value of children’s literacy was the focus of Smith’s efforts.

“They(participants) brought out books to donate. We’re trying to raise and collect a 1,000 books to get to HISD students. We’re doing that and are well on our way of getting that amount.”

All the flag football funds go to the Ronald McDonald House and the Wade Smith Foundation with those funds to be used to support education. It seems a worthy way to kick off the summer.