Woman caught on cop cam eating pot evidence

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BREVARD COUNTY, FL – Tavish Smith might be the happiest and friendliest arrestee we’ve seen in a while.

That is until a Florida Trooper caught her trying to eat a bag full of evidence.

Smith’s last-ditch effort to get rid of “pot” evidence was all caught on a Florida Highway Patrol squad car camera after she was pulled over for suspicion of DUI.

You can see her wiggle out of her handcuffs, reach into the front seat and steal the sandwich bag the trooper found in her car. Then she eats it.

When Smith can’t get back into her handcuffs that’s when she’s busted.

But this time she’s not laughing anymore. Smith’s misdemeanor charges for minor hit-and-run DUI and drug possession just bumped up to a felony for eating the evidence.

Talk about a buzz kill!

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