American exchange student gets stuck inside giant stone vagina

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TUBINGEN, GERMANY – There’s no pussyfooting around this one, it was a rocky relationship from the start. An American exchange student had to be rescued after getting his foot stuck inside a giant marble vagina sculpture displayed on his school campus. Yup, there’s one born every minute!

The whole event took place on the grounds of Germany’s Tubingen University of Microbiology. You would think basic instinct would tell you not to mess with a huge stone vagina but this unnamed patriot was dared by buddies to climb on in for a funny photo op, and pretty soon he was in knee deep trouble!

22 German firefighters, arriving in five firetrucks, responded to the stuck student. But instead of using power tools to free the trapped man, the first responders just resorted to the pull out method.

An eyewitness to the rescue had this to say about the emergency crews on scene,”The fire department was not really amused, and he was really embarrassed.” Later the flustered student was asked to comment on his misadventure with clingy college vagina, but he remained tight lipped.

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