Dog’s on the menu at dog meat festival in China

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YULIN, CHINA – The word “festival” usually means a menu of hot dogs and hamburgers. However, at a festival in Yulin, China, beef’s definitely not on the menu. The steak of choice there comes directly from a dog.

Did you know? Each year, across China, hundreds of thousands of dogs are slaughtered and served as dinner to restaurant goers. During the dog meat festival weekend alone, an estimated 10,000 pups are killed and consumed. A woman was actually chopping up a canine carcass while her dog cowers in the corner. It’s just cruel.

Animal rights activists paw aggressively to save the pooches and raise awareness, in hopes of ending the inhumane tradition forever. The Chinese government cut the leash. Along with refusing further involvement with the festival, leaders banned any and all signage advertising dog meat.

Changing the cultural mindset will be a ruff road. But isn’t it worth it, for mans best friend not to become man’s best food?!